The Tiki is a polynesian god and takes many forms. The Tiki Bar takes the form you see around you at Aku-Aku. The colours and feelings of the islands of micronesia, the mystery of the caves of Easter Island.

The first Tiki Bar was "Don The Beachcombers Restaurant" which opened its doors in Hollywood in 1933. Its owner, Don the Beachcomber, a wondrous mixologist and amateur anthropologist, invented many of the drinks you see in our menu and laid the foundations for the many hundreds of polynesian bars that sprung up in his wake.

American servicemen stationed on Hawaii and the pacific islands during the second world war gained a fondness for exotic culture and strong rum and shared their enthusiasm when they returned home.

Thor Heyerdahls daring expedition on the balsa raft "Kon-Tiki" across the Pacific Ocean in 1947 finally gave the name "Tiki" to the entire culture and the term is still in use today.

A Tiki Bar is a tropical oasis, a tantalising journey, a short break from our everyday lives.

Welcome to our world!