Tiki Bar - Thv. Meyers Gate 32 – Oslo


Aku-Aku are the spirits of our ancestors. Some of them are mischievous, but they are mainly friendly. Everyone has their own Aku-Aku, who will give you advice when you need it. They are invisible and walk next to you on your left hand side. They are about as tall as your knee and can travel very fast. They can get as far as Chile and back in about two minutes.

You should take care of your Aku-Aku, and they will surely take care of you.

Contact & Reservations

Phone: (+47) 41 17 69 66
Email: post@akuaku.no
Please make your reservation a day in advance.
No reservations after 20:00 in the weekends.

Where to find us?


Contact Mari Sletten at marisletten@hotmail.com